Uneven Gum Line Treatment

The uneven gum line and tooth shape are concerns that orthodontic treatment cannot address. While orthodontic treatment can help with tooth positioning, it cannot change the shape or color of your teeth. However, veneers provide a versatile and effective solution for enhancing tooth alignment and achieving the desired color, shape, and length. With veneers, you can be confident in gaining the smile you've always wanted.

It's not feasible to change tooth shapes using braces

Traditional orthodontic appliances, such as metal brackets and wires, are commonly used to address misaligned teeth and bite problems. Their primary focus is to improve tooth alignment rather than change the shape of the teeth.

*Uneven teeth shade and shape treatment before after.

These braces apply constant pressure over a long period to gradually guide teeth into the desired position. However, using standard orthodontic appliances to change the shape of teeth is not a feasible option.

Orthodontic appliances like Invisalign-type braces can effectively straighten and align teeth. Still, no orthodontic method or device can change their shape.

Veneers, on the other hand, offer a highly precise and customizable solution for comprehensive tooth modifications. They are meticulously crafted to match your desired tooth shape and size, seamlessly blending with surrounding teeth to create a natural, harmonious appearance. This adaptability allows us to address small misalignments, such as slight rotation or tilting of teeth, contributing to a more refined and well-groomed smile.

The uneven gum line and reshaping of front teeth

Michelle approached us because she was concerned about the uneven coloring and shapes of her aging incisor, canine crowns, and worn front teeth.

*Uneven gum lines treatment often involves a blend of
contouring and veneers.

Further complicating the issue, her upper front teeth have varying gum heights, causing her teeth to appear uneven in size and color when she smiles. The patient's dental concerns were primarily related to the color, shape, and slight misalignment of her teeth. This led us to consider 10 different combinations of veneers and crowns as a solution.

In Michelle's scenario, we took great care to choose the exact tooth color for her porcelain veneers, making tooth whitening unnecessary.

We opted for veneers instead of teeth whitening as it did not effectively change the yellowish tint of the old crown. Porcelain's durable composition ensures long-term color stability for all ten crowns and veneers.

Our successful treatment for uneven gum lines, a blend of contouring and veneers, significantly improves the appearance of your gums and teeth and offers a long-lasting solution.

Michelle's case is a testament to the effectiveness and long-lasting results of veneers, giving you the confidence that this could be the solution for your dental issues as well.

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